Writer, designer, researcher, and kind of a big nerd.

I'm interested in entertainment that makes you think, design so elegant that it doesn't require you to think, and geek culture, which I've been thinking about so long that I wrote a doctoral dissertation on it. (No, really.)

I've taught courses in media criticism, visual and interactive design, and video production at the University of Pennsylvania, Suffolk University, and Pine Manor College. Please click on the above thumbnails for some samples of my design work.

My writing on games and digital media appears in popular publications including The Escapist, Gamasutra, and Macworld. I've also published peer-reviewed research with journals like Eludamos, The International Journal of Communication, Reconstruction, and Cultural Science.

For opportunities in writing, design, research, and consulting, please contact me at jason@jasont.net. I live in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and am usually within easy walking distance of the internet.

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