Dan Moren's Business Card

Before he was a Senior Associate Editor at Macworld, my good friend Dan Moren was a fellow in need of a new career. He had just quit the most recent in a string of technical jobs, and was wondering how he might get into writing and publishing about media and technology. Reflecting on his wide array of interests, he joked, "I should just have a business card with a FAQ on it." So I made him one.

The front of Dan's card has some icons I designed to showcase the range of his skills and interests. The back has a "Frequently Asked Questions" exchange based on a short interview I conducted with Dan. The simple, two-color format on white card stock was meant to make it easier for Dan to print the cards himself on a budget.

This business card was not directly involved in getting Dan a job, but it did play a role in getting him a date, so I offer it here as at least a partially successful design.