Penn Graduate and Professional Student Assembly (GAPSA)

As a doctoral candidate in the Annenberg School for Communication, I served for a year as Vice Chair for Public Relations on the executive board of the University of Pennsylvania's graduate and professional student government. The task fell to me to redesign GAPSA's aging website and direct the PR Committee in producing collateral materials, such as magnets and flyers.

The new GAPSA website was the product of collaboration between myself (handling visual design and information architecture) and two developers (handling back-end coding). It was designed with attention to accessibility and multi-device functionality issues.

As GAPSA is a complex organization with a number of functions and committees, its representatives, officers, and constituents wanted a great many things available from every page of the site. The most interesting challenge, then, was in devising a navigational system that satisfied all stakeholders without being too overwhelming. An additional series of links on the footer of every page offer another way to find items with basic, essential information (Home, Contact, About, Search), and a "Web Services" box on the front page offers more direct access to site management functions and items likely to draw repeat traffic.

In addition, I produced much of the promotional material for GradFest, the first annual celebration of its kind on Penn campus, designed to be more all-ages in its approach than events targeting the undergraduate population. All attendees received a t-shirt featuring the design below on the left, a playful parody of Penn's coat of arms. (The original arms' slogan, "laws without mores are meaningless," has been changed to something which I hope translates to, "work without play is meaningless.")