Grand Unified Theory of Love

Logo & original design: Jason Tocci. Dinosaur & Futurescape designs: Tony Sindelar. Every year, hundreds of extremely clever geeks gather for the MIT Mystery Hunt, a competition to solve a variety of puzzles around campus. When my friend Tony Sindelar decided to start a team, I took on the task of making us a uniform. The goal for the design wasn't to design anything like a team jersey, but to design a shirt the team would enjoy wearing at the Hunt, fitting with the event's goofy, nerdy fashion sensibilities. (I would argue that own fashion is only upstaged each year by the team known as the Silly Hat Brigade.)

The shirt is meant to resemble a sourvenir a tourist might bring back from a sort of idyllic geek vacation, albeit with a touch of irony. Not only does the grueling pace of puzzle-solving ensure that the Hunt is far from restful, it's also freezing cold, taking place each year in January.

After my initial design, our intrepid team leader took over as designer, producing a number of designs with the original "heart sunset" logo along the same "vacation shirt" theme. I've helped develop some concepts along the way: In the case of the dinosaur and futurescape designs (shown here), Tony turned my rough sketches on the back of an envelope into vector-drawn wonders in Adobe Illustrator.