Let's Sing!

Logo & visual/UI design: Jason Tocci. Game design: Lex Friedman, Marco Tabini & Associates. Let's Sing! is a game for iOS that challenges you to guess tunes hummed by friends and strangers. Lex Friedman and Marco Tabini approached me near the end of the development cycle with a game that was already pleasantly addictive. As Lex confessed of that beta version, however, "It looks like two developers designed it."

I started by chatting with the beta testers to get a sense of what they loved and hated about the user interface, tweaking buttons and shuffling screens around until I arrived at something that would be a little easier to navigate. From there, I produced some wireframes to make sure the adjustments to layout and app functionality weren't going to break anything. In terms of the visuals, the developers wanted warm colors and a general sense of fun, so I focused on deep reds for the backgrounds and gold hues for highlights, with a subtle musical motifs for some added texture. In the end, I hope we ended up with a product that looks as good as its sounds (though the latter may vary depending on the musical skills of your gaming buddies).