Boston Mobilization

Following my first year of graduate school, I acted as an intern for the Grassroots Media Project at Boston Mobilization, a progressive non-profit founded in 1977. "Mobe" contributes to a variety of projects around the community at any given time. My task was to redesign its website and promotional materials to have a more recognizable style.

Mobe was committed to using Dreamweaver to maintain the site, so I coded template pages by hand in Dreamweaver, leaving specific areas editable. I recruited volunteers among my professional contacts to produce a database and content management system to keep track of events more easily and automate their appearance in the site's calendar. The right column features optional boxes that could be turned on or off as needed when creating new pages. (I only got one email after leaving asking how to fix something that was accidentally broken, which I take as a tribute to the clarity and detail of the documentation I wrote and left behind.)

In addition to my work on the website, I provided original illustration and design for a number of projects, including flyers, bumper stickers, and postcards. Two such illustrations are reproduced here. We considered a variety of stylistic directions for the website and print materials during my time at Mobe; the resulting approach is an homage to the style pioneered by magazines like Ray Gun and Adbusters, emphasizing the organization's experimental, do-it-yourself activist efforts.